Root canal treatment in India has become a common practice and there are several dentists who recommend this treatment to their patients. Root Canal, also known as endodontic treatment is performed to save an infected or badly damaged tooth by repairing it. There may be different causes of tooth decay ranging from deep decay, faulty crowns, chip or crack in the tooth to repeated dental treatments. During this procedure, the infected or inflamed pulp is removed from inside the tooth to clean and disinfect it, and then the tooth is filled and sealed to ensure that it does not get infected again.

Owing to the complexity of the treatment and the fact that there is no way to sterilize the tooth during the procedure, it is important that you get this treatment done only from the best dentist who possesses years of experience, otherwise the consequences may be dangerous to health and may lead to severe health issues.

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What can go wrong with root canal procedure?

Since, the tooth is not sterilized during the procedure, any wrong practice may lead the way to harmful bacteria that hide out in the tooth, and these bacteria are unreachable through the antibiotics as well.

The root canal treatment can be a failure if the cleaning aspect of the tooth was not performed completely or performed ineffectually. Moreover, the seal which was created on the tooth if not made from high quality material, or are not placed properly can result in contaminates from seeping in the tooth. These may lead to significant health issues with symptoms involving swelling and inflammation in teeth.

How to how to ascertain that your dentist has done it the right way?

One of the best ways to ascertain that your dentist has performed the root canal on your tooth in the right way is by evaluating the post procedure symptoms. The signs of a failed root canal treatment include swelling or discomfort or the ones which originally signalled the problem in your tooth. Though, sometimes the symptoms do not appear instantaneously but after some time they may begin to appear. It may also happen that you do not witness any symptoms but there are issues with the root canal treatment, and the best way to check whether the root canal has been done properly or not is by getting the X-ray done for the tooth.

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