About Us

Prudental Clinic is the prime centre for complete dental requirements, for people of all groups. Here, best of the medical personals and equipments, with soothing interiors & perfect ambience, is awaiting to give you that perfect care you deserve.

Dentist Shailesh Rojekar and his team ensure that the clinic has the best of the dental professionals, who are specially trained in various dental procedures like root canal treatment, metal free crowns, bridges, dental implants, tooth whitening, implant dentures, other endodontic treatments and more. Strict hygiene norms and sterilization is followed in Prudental Clinic, to provide complete care and infection control to the patient.

Please feel free to ask Prudental Clinic’s desk for full technical details and drop in any queries if needed and they will get back to you at the earliest.

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Our Clinic

Dental care and support is the right of each and every individual. The team at Prudental Clinic provides you the best of the dental aid and facilities, at an affordable rate.

At Prudental Clinic, with services under the finest dentist in South Mumbai, you will receive world class dental care, which is designed to provide complete support for your tooth health and hygiene.

Treatment Philosophy

Prudental Clinic is known as the best dentist Prabhadevi has, for using minimally invasive techniques in the dental care procedures in preventive, conservative and surgical dentistry. Dr. Shailesh Rojekar is known as the best dentist in Prabhadevi, for he believes in the holistic concept of healing and a good oral health. Preventive dental regime programme is integral part of our treatment plan for each & every patient.

Unless the treatment is absolutely necessary and the procedures are direly needed by the patient, Dr. Shailesh Rojekar does not recommend meddling with the existing set of tooth.

We believe in the concept of curing and improving what nature has given while accepting individuality. Our protocol of recording complete detailed patient history helps us to pin point individual problems and provide the perfect treatment.

Post Treatment Counselling: Prudental Clinic ensures that their team of dental experts offer counselling for various requirements of the patients, post dental procedures. Simple counselling based on the patients previous dental records, is also made available, by Dr. Shailesh Rojekar.