1. What can I expect as a patient?
    We are a cognitive dental clinic, with professional dentists as well as training doctors, which strive the hardest, to offer you the best solutions available in dental care. You can expect excellent dental solutions along with a hospitable environment, which can look after your comfort and offer a pain free experience. Consultation prior to any dental treatment is also available for all our existing and even the first-time patients.

  2. How to make a first appointment?
    As a Clinic, known for the finest dentist in Mumbai, you can look up the website of our clinic and simply get in touch with us by dropping in an email to us or even by giving us a call. If there is an emergency requirement then our staff can adjust an appointment for you at the earliest.

  3. What is the regular costing of the first visit?
    We believe in making dental care affordable and accessible for everyone and hence ensure that our treatment pricing is apt. We offer treatment for patients with no dental insurance or cover as well and workout the first appointment and consultation to suit the patient the best.

  4. Can just a cleaning appointment be scheduled?
    Yes, it is definitely possible to arrange for a simple cleaning appointment and/or consultation from our dentists.

  5. Do you also treat children?
    It is definitely possible for you to arrange for an appointment at our clinic, for your little one. At Prudental Clinic, best clinic in Mumbai, we have dentists who have extensive training in performing dental operations on children. You can be rest assured about your child once you enter our clinic as the dentists are more than understanding of their mindset and will reciprocate appropriately.

  6. Is an X-ray a must?
    An X-ray before a dental treatment is absolutely needed. At our clinic, it is not in our protocol to even examine the teeth without an X-ray. Having an X-ray in hand helps the dentists in seeing between the teeth or looking under the gums and the bones for any abnormalities or cavities.