Dental Implants

Every individual has his/her own identity but it is equally undeniable, just how much a good oral health can add on to your demeanor.

Dental Implants is a procedure that is indeed as natural as required and gives a result that leaves no difference between the implants and real tooth which is our ultimate goal. In this procedure, the root shaped titanium screws, which are fitted in the jaw bone, enable the bone to literally grow on them, thus making the implants secure. Known as one of the more long lasting and comforting method of counteracting for tooth loss, dental implants is one of the core practices at Prudental Clinic, in Mumbai.

Why choose dental implants procedure?

At Prudental Clinic, Dr. Shailesh Rojekar and his team not only focus on placing the implants but also pay extra attention to detail, to provide a look that suits the individual. There are a lot of advantages that dental implants offer, according to Dr. Rojekar and his expert team of surgeons, which cater to your needs at various stages of life.

  • Next best to natural: With professionals at Prudental Clinic, dental implants for every individual are sure to feel, function and fit in the most amicable way possible.
  • Better appearance: Doctors at Prudental Clinic offer consultation to individuals who wish to opt for dental implants and often side this procedure, for solving tooth problems.
  • Clear speech: Post a dental implant procedure at Prudental Clinic, the patient can get back to normal everyday activities without interfering with a person’s speech delivery.
  • Durable and long-lasting: With good care and hygiene, implants can last a lifetime as well.
  • Protection to healthy bones: Dental implants help in stimulating the bone growth and in preventing any loss of bone as well.

At Prudental Clinic, here are a few of the reasons why dental implants procedures are most preferred:

  1. Dr. Rojekar and his team offer the best, most efficient and a near pain-free experience to all our patients alike.
  2. The success rate offered by this dental clinic is high, very reliable and at par with the best.
  3. The procedure at Prudental Clinic is much less time-consuming and even a one day walk-in appointment is offered for the same.

Success rate: The success rate of dental implants depends on their positioning in a patient’s jaw and on the subsequent placing of the tooth around. Usually dental implants have a 98% success rate and are easy to manage and sustain. All in all, the experts at Prudental Clinic, the best dental clinic in South Mumbai, recommend dental implants for a better oral health and a stronger personality.