Orthodontics (Braces)

With the help of orthodontics procedures at Prudental Clinic, it is possible to treat various tooth problems like the malpositioned jaws, gums and tooth, after diagnosis. Dr. Shailesh Rojekar provides gentle dental care and subtle options to create the desired movement in one’s tooth, which helps in realigning the crooked tooth in no time. Both, fixed and removable type of aligners, are available for orthodontic procedures at the dental clinic.

Nowadays, with advanced technologies and improved dental techniques, it is possible to perform tooth alignment at any age. Moreover, misaligned tooth can now be rectified and restored with some of the most advanced dental aesthetics including brackets, lingual orthodontics, invisalign aligners and many more such options.

Timing of an orthodontic appointment is very crucial to determine the procedure and obtain a satisfactory result, consequently. Some of the common orthodontic treatments at Prudental Clinic include-

  1. Smart clip braces
  2. Metal braces
  3. Invisible lingual incognito
  4. Invisalign braces and other invisalign services
  5. Ceramic braces

Correction of Malalignment

The treatments of orthodontics have become very convenient, affordable and simplified. People of all ages can benefit from the orthodontics procedures and ensure themselves a complete dental care and, at Prudental clinic in the following ways:

  1. Appearance enhancer
  2. Oral health and hygiene
  3. Better functioning of an individual’s oral health

General Instructions:

When using dental braces, it becomes very crucial for the patients to understand the instructions provided for maintaining and working alongside with braces. Generally, the normal day-to-day activities would not be affected by the braces. It is safer to learn about certain food restrictions and habit modifications, to avoid damage, repeat dental work and delays in treatment.

  1. It is essential to gargle with Fluoride mouthwash to keep your tooth free of caries.
  2. Any part of the braces, getting loose or damaged, should be brought to the orthodontist’s notice immediately, to avoid future complications.
  3. Brushing your tooth twice a day is a must for the success of the treatment. Change the toothbrush periodically to assure best results.

With ample benefits by Dr. Rojekar, the best dentist in Mumbai, at Prudental Clinic patients can now work up on their appearance and maintain their oral health and hygiene. It is never too late to consider any procedure, small or big, when it’s going to help one enhance your appearance and feel more confident!