Teeth Filling

A lot of restorative procedures practiced by Dr. Rojekar and his team at Prudental Clinic involve simple procedures like tooth fillings, veneers, crowns, dentures, implants and more. This type of dentistry is generally concerned with procedures that fill the empty spaces in the oral cavity and help in regaining the normal alignment of the tooth, especially in the case of missing tooth.

Types of restoration tooth fillings practiced by the dentists at this dental clinic

  1. Gold filling- It is definitely one of the more aesthetically pleasing and commonly opted category of fillings by Prudental Clinic, as with a couple of clinical visits for fitting, they can last up to 15 years.
  2. Silver amalgam- For those who look at a more cost effective means of tooth filling, the silver amalgam offers the best strength and durability at a much cheaper rate.

  3. Composite/Tooth colored fillings- This type of filling has more demand in the recent years since it offers a composite filling that matches every individuals tooth color.
  4. Class V Glass Ionomer fillings- These are an apt choice for children as their growing years often demand changes in their tooth caricatures.

With the help of the professional team at Prudental Clinic, the best dental clinic in South Mumbai, patients can avail the best of restoration dentistry procedures, at very affordable prices and with amazing comfort.