Tooth Extraction

Permanent tooth is meant to last a lifetime. However, there might be instances where the removal of a tooth might be a necessity. At Prudental clinic, Dr. Rojekar and his team of experts ensure that they recommend or try out procedures upon having the green signal to attempt on saving the tooth. If there is no way to solve tooth problems and it might be a potential danger for the other tooth, then and only then do the team of dentists, at Prudental Clinic, go ahead with an extraction.

A badly damaged tooth is just one such instance where Dr. Rojekar and his team of dentists at this dental clinic don’t recommend a lot of experimental procedures for the patient. In cases like these, avoiding tooth removal may lead to a severe infection, which may affect the other facial tissues.

Here are a few of the reasons why tooth extraction may be a probable choice for the patient:

  • Crowded tooth alignment- An orthodontist steps in with an intention to properly align the tooth when the growth of additional tooth hinders the natural alignment of the tooth.
  • Infection- In case of tooth decay, the bacteria affecting oral health are most likely to enter the area containing the nerves and the blood vessels thereby causing an infection.
  • Risk of infection- For those receiving chemotherapy or are planning to have an organ transplant, even the slightest risk of infection becomes a strong reason for tooth removal.

Prudental Clinic has a team of specially trained dentists, capable of performing every known tooth extraction procedure. Right from applying local anesthetic to using the most sophisticated tools for the removal of the tooth, they take care of it all. You can be rest assured of your oral health once you visit Prudental Clinic for treatment as Dr. Rojekar, the best dentist in Prabhadevi, and his team makes your comfort and pain free experience just as important as the treatment.